How To Exchange On Binance Guide

Here is your step by step guide on how to exchange on Binance.

How To Exchange On Binance

Trade over 150 different cryptocurrencies effortlessly.

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Full Guide On How To Exchange On Binance

Step #1

Create Account/Register.

Create Account On Binance Registration Page

Step #2

Now basically we’ll be adding “funds” to the exchange so in this example we’ll be adding Bitcoin (BTC).

Place your mouse over the “Funds” tab then click on “Balances”

Balances Tab on Binance

Step #3

Now you’ll see a list of all the different cryptocurrencies available for exchange, Let’s find Bitcoin (BTC) by simply typing in the search box “BTC”.

Finding Bitcoin On Your Binance Exchange Account

Step #4

To the right you’ll find 3 tabs called Deposit, Withdrawal and Trade. Click on “Deposit”

Deposit Bitcoin Button On Binance

Step #5

Copy your Bitcoin (BTC) address.

How To Copy Your Bitcoin Address On Binance

Your Bitcoin address will be on the left

Your Bitcoin Address On Binance

Step #6

In this example we’ll transfer over Bitcoin from Coinbase, Login to Coinbase or the exchange where you’ve purchased your Bitcoin from.

On Coinbase click on “Accounts”

Viewing Your Account On Coinbase

Step #7

On the left you will see “BTC Wallet” with your available BTC below and a Send/Receive buttons, Click on “Send”

BTC Wallet On Coinbase

Step #8

Here is where we’ll paste in the Bitcoin (BTC) address that you copied on Binance right in the “Recipient” section, Then fill in the amount that you wish to send over to your Binance exchange account and click on “Continue”.

Enter Your BTC Address and Send Funds To Binance

Step #9

Within a few minutes you’ll receive the Bitcoin (BTC) that you’ve sent over from Coinbase or from which ever exchange you used, Now to view your available Bitcoin (BTC) balance on Binance simply go to “Funds > Balances” and you should be able to view your available balance under “Total Balance”.

Total Balance BTC On Binance

Congratulations!!! You Are Ready To Exchange Cryptocurrency On Binance Now

(Still feeling lost, No worries contact us and we’ll be more then happy to help you further more)

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